Saved by His grace

Saved by His grace

I was born into a Catholic family where I almost became a Reverend father before I had an encounter with Jesus a decade ago. I was a committed zealous religious man. I used to believe my good works will save me, but yet I was living in sin. On a glorious day heard the Gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone and in Christ Jesus alone. I recognized myelf as a sinner, confessed and repented of my sin, and invited Jesus into my heart. Jesus saved my soul and delivered me from the power of sin. He ordered my step to this church – GOFAMINT By the grace of God, I am able to live the new life in Christ Jesus, worship joyfully, serve faithfully, growing in grace, and enjoying the fellowship of fellow beliers at House of Mercy, DC. If you are looking for a Christ centered, Bible believing church, where you can grow in faith and use your gift to bless others, House of Mercy is for you.


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