God Answers Prayers and Provides At House of Mercy

God Answers Prayers and Provides At House of Mercy

This testimony is to confirm God’s omniscient nature (all knowing) and when we obey his instruction and wisdom; we gain victory over problems.
In 2012, I sought the face of God concerning my stagnant situation. Since my return to the United States(US) in Year 2003, I couldn’t get a decent job, was still living from hand to mouth, overwhelmed with debts and bills and I wasn’t a blessing to my immediate family, my extended family back in Nigeria or the Church of God. Although I had a graduate degree in my discipline from my first visit to the US in 1985; I was unable to get a job despite several job searches and applications for over nine years. It was in this desperate situation that I cried to God in fasting and prayers. God spoke to me to go back to school; I didn’t like God’s response. I already had a Master’s degree in 1985(27 year-old degree by Year 2012); Why couldn’t God help me to get a job? I didn’t have funds to go back to School. I kept getting the same affirmation in my Spirit for over 2 months anytime I asked God about the matter,
Eventually, I researched and applied to different graduate schools and got admitted into one that paid part of my graduate tuition. I graduated from the school in 2014; and I was able to get a supernatural job and positioning by God after 14 months of graduation. God is a God of knowledge; when we obey his instruction in any area of problem, we gain wisdom to be successful in that area. PRAISE god

Olufunmi Akinyode

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