Deacon Peter Onwuegbule


Deacon Peter Onwuegbule & Sister Susan Onwuegbule

Deacon Peter Onwuegbule is the Head Usher, Greeter, and all activities related to security. He is a dedicated and committed man of God. He is a man of faith, courage and action. He loves people, and you will feel at home being around him. He is not just an Usher, he is a trained Correction officer. His wife, Sister Susan is also a dedicated, committed, and faithful leader in charge of Hospitality. She is responsible for making food available for our picnics, cookouts, love feast and other celebrations in addition to decorations. Both Deacon Onwuegbule and sister Susan love the Lord, they love prayer, love people, and they enjoy sharing the gospel, bringing souls to Christ. The family is blessed with three godly children, Precious, David and Emmanuel.